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We provide a vast range of facilities for our clients, be this in the form of activities made available in the home or arrangements for visits to be made to the clients or for the clients to visit other places. 

All activities and outings are designed with the individual client in mind and tailored to suit them. We use specific activities that will stimulate the clients both mentally and where possible physically.

We also provide a hairdresser, who will visit the home every two weeks or by appointment. The chiropodist will visit when required and every six weeks. Pastoral visits can be arranged from the place of worship of the clients choice.

The local library is a 5 minute walk and we also have access to a mobile library should that be easier for the client.

An aroma therapist can visit the home at a time arranged with the clients and staff. This can be a one-off session or a regular occurrence.

In house activities include:

What I would like to buy

This is a group or one to one activity. Staff sit with clients and they choose a subject such as clothes, foods, seasons etc. 

They then look through catalogues, magazines and leaflets. Clients are encouraged to choose things they would like and stick them into a scrap book. These books are then used to stimulate conversation within the group and clients are encouraged to talk about feelings and why they liked the particular things they choose.

Music time

We have a large box of musical instruments which clients are encouraged to use to make music and experience different noises.

Flower arranging

Staff are happy to assist clients in flower arranging and can use fresh or dried flowers or artificial flowers that can be used over again.


We have a garden and pots that clients can use if they wish to continue with their joy of gardening.


Once a month we have the pleasure of a singing group coming  to Ash Grove and performing for half an hour in the lounge. Clients are encouraged to join in with the singing and song sheets are available. The staff will join in and encourage the clients.


We have a wide selection of games ranging from bingo, cards, quizzes and the old fashion games such as snakes and ladders. These can encourage clients to talk about their past as well as stimulate them and encourage them to count and use social skills.


Staff and clients work together to make a list if items they need to use for baking and then spend the afternoon making cakes or soups.